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I am proud to offer skeet shooting instruction. I can teach anyone from beginner to pro, and willingness to learn and try new things is paramount in getting the most out of instruction.  Offering instruction in gun fit and foot position (the foundation to your skeet game), hold points and break points, timing, doubles, and 3-4-5 "Shoot-Off" Doubles (where the real game is, everything else just gets you to the dance).  I will teach to your goals, whether you want to be club champ, league champ, or national champ. 

Lessons can be given at my home club, Four Point, which is off Interstate 490 in Scottsville, NY, but travel to your club can also be arranged.  Current rate is $40/hour for instruction provided at my club (you are responsible for paying for the targets and providing your own ammunition), fee for lessons where I must travel to you are hourly rate plus travel expenses, discounts available for junior shooters.

I can be reached @ [email protected] or 585-613-8098 for more information.  If I am traveling to a club for lessons, I will post here in case I will be in your area.


Testimonials, and Achievements of past students

"Ian I just wanted to thank you again for the shooting lessons
that you gave me and my son. As you know I had been struggling
through out the whole season and you got me back on track and
shooting more like I used to. I just wish I had gotten to get
some instruction from you at the beginning of the season. Your
work with my son Aaron really paid off though. The week after
our lessons we went to practice and he ran the first box and
had a 24 the second box for a 49 and that was with the .410
that was his personal best with the .410. Where we saw the
most improvement was his doubles game, he loves doubles but has
honestly never shot them well. You changed several things on
him such as his stance, foot position, gun mount, and even where
he stands on the pad, well all of that was a lot to take in in
one day but he is out shooting me in doubles now consistently.
We plan to get hold of you soon and get more instruction
before our winter league starts.
Thanks again and I have been recommending you to others."

-Jim Johnson
"I think that just bumped up my enthusiasm quite a bit

over my already very enthusiastic love of the sport.

The kills on the middle stations felt much smoother and easier

than my previous spray and pray shots. It's amazing how these

basic fundamentals unknowingly change where your shot ends up. I

thought elevation misses were due to sight picture being off, but

from the lesson it seems like the starting hold point dictates

ultimately the vertical poi. Natural reaction makes the barrel

follow the same path as the clay so if you start high you stay

high. I see that I need to control my swing but hit the clay

earlier on my outgoing shots.

I can't wait for the next one. Going into a lesson knowing the

instructor knows what he is doing is one thing, but you really

have an ability to teach it well also.

Thanks again Ian,



If you are interested in conducting a clinic at your club

or setting up one on one instruction, please contact me

at 585-613-8098 or email [email protected]